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This issue is all about hiking. If you can't get to the Appalachian Mountains for a hike right now, you can experience hiking the Appalachian Trail by watching this video. 

Watch an Ant Farm

This timelapse shows ants in an ant farm.

1. It goes from Georgia to Maine
2. Ants use this on their trails
3. Cherokee artists sometimes make this using the Coil Method
4. This goes from the Mountains all the way to the Outer Banks
5. Usually has raisins and Nuts
6. Our Mountains
7. Shows North, South, East and West
8. 2013 is the
9. A large bird you might see on the trail
10. Art painted on a wall


Best Hikes In NC

Top 5 hikes in North Carolina.

Have you tried any of these?

Write a Secret Code!

Send secret messages to your friends, and decode messages from other people.

Another Optical Illusion

Watch for a few minutes then look away to get the effect.

Mountains-To-Sea Trail

Explore the Mountains-To-Sea Trial as it winds through the mountains of western NC.